oral assessment

Our clinic in London, Ontario is a state of the art dental set up designated to provide early assessment, rapid diagnosis and painless treatment for all oral needs. A dental practice dedicated to trouble free dazzling smiles. With a commitment to healthy teeth and gums, we offer an assortment of distinguished services.


A complete evaluation of the oral cavity inclusive of teeth and gums is done to check for anomalies. Teeth are assessed for:


A cavity (also known as caries or dental decay) in the tooth starts innocently as an ugly black spot and mild sensitivity. With time, it eats away the tooth deforming it and infects the pulp causing intense pain.

Our job is to early detect the dark devil and to treat it painlessly.

Composite (tooth colored) fillings for early decay.

Root canal treatment to cure grossly decayed, severely infected teeth.

We offer preventive sealant therapy for individuals prone to rampant caries.


Teeth relationships are important not only from an aesthetic viewpoint but also from an occlusal perspective. A deviation from the normal will lead to several problems in the bite and smile.


An increased overbite and overjet look odd and also result in multiple issues like tongue thrusting, lisping, lip injuries, etc.

Specialized Orthodontic services are used to correct teeth alignment and interrelationships.

Starting from traditional metal braces to advanced lingual and invisible orthodontics -InvisAlign-we provide it all.


A space in the dental arch leads to adjacent teeth migrating in the space. Supraeruption of the opposing tooth and tilting of the nearby teeth destroys the occlusion and needs extensive treatment.

Our Prosthodontic services cover all aspects of teeth replacement

With the advent of Dental Implants, replacing missing teeth has never been easier.

Easy crown and bridge solutions and dentures are also available to suit all dental needs.


The primary cause of gum diseases is plaque and tartar.

Diseased gums are red, spongy and bleed easily. With the progression of the disease, periodontal health starts to get affected leading to loose teeth, foul odor and pathological migration.

A good dental service of teeth cleaning is the first step to maintaining gingival health.

Extensive periodontal surgical procedures are offered as specialized services.


Evaluation of pain or clicking with the TMJ is done to locate joint anomalies.


All modern equipment is readily available to take X-rays for additional investigation as and when needed.

All the services are at pocket friendly prices that do not strain the patient. Insurance also comes handy especially in emergencies. Restoring a smile is what we do best– The world needs your smile everyday to bring hope to the hopeless in the community.