Myofunctional Therapy

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Three Year Old Boy Shows Myofunctional Trainer Helps Equalize Growing Teeth Correct Bite Develop Mouth Breathing Habit Corrects Position Tongue

Myofunctional Therapy

Imagine a string running through your body from head to toe.

Sometimes this string is tied at the tongue (tongue-tie), which can cause a lot of strain on the rest of the body.

Not only does it affect jaw growth, but also teeth crowding, nasal breathing, posture, and resting tongue position.

Myofunctional therapy corrects this restraint by teaching the tongue the correct resting position in the mouth. We make these corrections through exercises for the tongue and facial muscles.

Myofunctional therapy and a potential frenotomy procedure can help release the tongue tie and any other tissue restrictions in the mouth. This benefits not just the mouth but helps the rest of the body as well.